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14 Fun-Filled Golf Drinking Games To Play With Your Buddies & Actions For A Pro Strike

Giving your golf game a twist by cheerfully toasting with beer or an additional beverage and taking a sip as the ball hits the hole is just fabulous! You’ll feel joyous with thrills as you think about the clear sky, lush field, and competition with your friends; that’s what occurred to me as well. As a golf lover, this will be a golden chance for everyone to raise the odds with each strike while enjoying the company of buddies, and winning a beer can boost the fun, absolutely!

Are you still unaware of the Drinking Golf Game, which combines the delight of mixing while enjoying a few drinks with the traditions of this historic sport? Then you are missing out on the real entertainment and fun on the golf course, let me guide you through the Golf Drinking Game and how you can play it like a pro on the course. Let’s go deeper into the golf-drinking game rules and the passion of this marvelous game that is taking over outdoor greens and official courses around!


Hole-In-One Epic Cheers

The game of golf involves technique and toughness, but when the ball goes into the hole on the first shot, it’s time to raise a glass to the ideal balance of talent and goodness. Every player’s dream is to hit a hole-in-one, and in the Golf Drinking Game, it’s a reason for a celebration unlike any other. Players take their swings with their hearts thumping and anticipation in the air, hoping to overcome the odds and strike that challenging shot.  

Cheers break out as the ball lands in the cup with a loud “plunk,” and the happy player celebrates their victory. You can use the chance to assign beverages to their fellow players as they relish in the glory of their incredible accomplishment, showing everyone that miracles may happen even in the game of golf. 

So shoot for the stars, swing hard, and let the golf gods be with you for a hole-in-one!

Loser Pays A Toast to Defeat

In the spirit of friendly competition, the Golf Drinking Game introduces a rule that adds a touch of accountability to the mix & Loser Pays. In this game, the player with the highest score is put on the spot after each round. You may take the shot golf drinking game to strike for losers. As they accept their fate with a chuckle and play the role of the kind host, pouring drinks for their victorious rivals. It serves as a lighthearted reminder that, even when you lose, you can still have fun together and enjoy the friendship that comes from having a few drinks with your friends.     

In a line, There are victors and losers when playing golf, and in the golf-drinking game, the losers become the center of the party simply by making sure the drinks keep coming!

One Drink for Each Mulligan

PS: Upon hitting a poor shot or unintentional strike you will get a Mulligan. This second chance is only obtainable in a friendly competition.

Mulligans give golfers an extra chance to make up for a bad shot. and that is where an interesting twist is added to taking a mulligan in the Golf Drinking Game. Players like the challenge of consuming a shot of alcohol while indulging in a do-over. The game becomes even more exciting and intense as a result, making each decision involving a mulligan slightly more risky. The Mulligan Shot regulation keeps the players on their toes and blurs the boundary between redemption and celebration, whether it results in jubilant cheers or a little friendly teasing.

Mulligans are like second chances in a shot glass while playing the golf-drinking game, So, bottom up, and let the game of redemption and drinks begin!

Beer Bogey A Twist of Fun

The Golf Drinking Game gives bogey, the famed golf term for a score of one over par, a whole new context. Players seek their favorite cold beverage after every bogie. They can indulge in a pleasurable taste thanks to the Beer Bogey rule, transforming what might otherwise be seen as a setback into a moment of leisure. It serves as a reminder that golf is a game of highs and lows and that regardless of the outcome, there is always time to enjoy the pure joy of a cold beverage.

You know what, In the Golf Drinking Game, a bogey isn’t a reason to get angry; it’s an opportunity to cheer! Let the joys of a performance that was one over par be washed away by the golden honey of victory.


High Scores Meet With High Spirit Drinks

It’s a thrilling golf with friends drinking game and I really have fun while playing it the most. With each stroke, the anxiety grows as golf balls rocket through the air and players maneuver around the course. The player with the highest score at the end of each round in the golf-drinking game is assigned the role of an official drinker, which is a deliciously ironic outcome. They relish their role as the unofficial bartender, making sure everyone’s glasses are filled amid the laughter and good-natured teasing. The chance to partake in the joy and celebration that come with lifting a glass with friends is a welcome reminder that even in the face of defeat, there is always a silver lining. 

That is how in the Golf Drinking Game, the winner becomes the life of the party, raising their glass in a toast to willpower!

Sand Trap A Toast to Recovery 

Golfers’ worst enemy, the sand trap, serves as the impetus for a fun twist in the drinking game. A unique obstacle presents itself to players whenever their ball touches the harsh sand. The sand trap acts as a lighthearted reminder that even amid hardship, there is always a way to turn a difficult situation into a vibrant opportunity for enjoyment. Players can use it to take a hearty sip of their chosen beverage or assign beverages to their other players. Life is unpredictable, like stepping into a sand trap while playing a liquid golf drinking game. However, in the Golf Drinking Game, we raise our glasses in victory over adversity, accept the challenge, and grin in the face of sand traps.


Aiming for Accuracy Closest to the Pin

In the Closest to the Pin round of the Golf Drinking round, accuracy and precision take center stage. The friendly rivalry grows as players line up their shoots with their sights fixed on the goal. The anticipation grows with each swing, and when the balls finally land, the player who hit the ball closest to the pin savors their moment of victory. They get to distribute beverages to their fellow players, ensuring that the competitive spirit is maintained and the friendships deepen. However, they don’t get to enjoy their victory alone. In the game closest to the pin, accuracy, and enjoyment are combined as participants strive for greatness and celebrate their victory with a toast to accuracy. 

So, Remember that the delight of having a drink with those who got dangerously close is more important than just gaining bragging rights.

From Even and Odd Scores to Drinks 

The Even and Odd game incorporates chance into each player’s score in an effort to maintain the game’s unpredictable nature. Players disclose whether their score is even or odd after finishing a hole. Depending on the results, they either distribute drinks to others (even score) or treat themselves to a well-earned drink (odd score). Each round of the game is made a little bit more exciting by the fact that it keeps everyone guessing.

That’s where the score becomes the key in the golf drinking game, even or odd. Will you be the kind recipient or the fortunate drinker?  Only fate can decide!

The Water Hazard Drinking Golf Game 

In the Golf Drinking Game, the peaceful appeal of a water hazard assumes a new in-depth detail. Every time a player’s ball touches the water, they are forced to take a reviving sip. Laughter fills the air as the ripples disappear, serving as a gentle reminder to players that occasionally a dip in the water is the perfect pretext for a sip.

Simply, make a splash when life presents you with a water Hazard! Every dive into the depths of the golf drinking game is accompanied by a wonderful refresher.


The Birdie Sharing Drinks Game

The game’s main focus is on birdies, those elusive one-under-par accomplishments. Every time a participant makes a birdie, they receive the privilege of distributing drinks to their fellow competitors as a token of appreciation for their excellent shot-making abilities. It’s a game that encourages greatness and ups the level of rivalry in the race for those coveted birdies.

The Golf birdie becomes a winning symbol and a ticket to the party in the golf drinking game. Raise your glass aloft and drink to the success of the feathered achievement!

Hold Your Beer & Drink On Perfect Shot

The typical drinking rules of golf are given a distinctive twist in this game. Players are awarded for their ability and accuracy rather than being assigned drinks based on performance. The reward for a player who successfully sinks their ball in the cup without using any extra strokes is straightforward but satisfying: their drink remains in their hand. With each accurate shot, the game gives players a feeling of relief and victory.

The delicious taste of winning in the game Your Beer Stays In Your Hand comes from the thrill of seeing your ball land in its proper spot, not from the given drink. I raise a glass to a flawless shot and an unfinished drink.


Playing The Fairway Golf Drinking Game

In this variation, the lush fairways serve as the setting for a fun game of chance. Players make predictions prior to each stroke, such as “Will their ball land on the fairway or miss it?” If their forecast is accurate, they get to decide who gets what drink. As players attempt to find the optimum landing position, it increases the sense of anticipation and amusing banter.

 In the Fairway Drinking Game, accuracy and audacity are rewarded. Players test their predictions with each swing as they celebrate the rush of striking the fairway!

The Chip-In Drinking Golf Game

In this game, the art of chipping is brought to a whole new level of excitement. Every time a player chips the ball into the cup from off the green, they take over as the master of ceremonies and distribute drinks to the other players. Finesse, touch, and the pure delight of watching the ball take flight and make its way home are all rewarded in this game.

In the Chip-In Game, the green transforms into a blank canvas of potential, and each chip shot is a brilliant brushstroke! 


A Round of Tee Box Drinking Golf

In this exciting modification, the game begins at the first tee and each player makes an outcome prediction before they fire their shot. Will their shot miss the fairway, land in the fairway, or maybe go for a spectacular long drive? They assign drinks to other players or themselves according to their forecast. Each hole starts off with an element of anticipation and friendly competition, setting the tone for a round full of fun and camaraderie. At the tee box, possibilities unfold and predictions are made and they will get you a drink by coming into reality.

In the Tee Box Drinking Game, every swing is a chance to prove your foresight and toast to the joys of being right!

How To Play The Golf Drinking Game Like A Pro

Mastering the art of playing the Golf Drinking Game like a pro requires a delicate balance between skillful swings and spirited sips, where the symphony of precision shots harmonizes with the clinking of glasses. It’s a dance on the fairways, where golfers embrace the challenge of navigating the course while indulging in libations that add an extra layer of excitement to each stroke. 


You need to start with a firm focus and a touch of lightheartedness, like a tough golfer in this game to understand the importance of pacing, knowing when to unleash your inner competitive spirit and when to relish in the camaraderie of your fellow players. You may approach each shot with strategic precision, carefully calculating the risks and rewards, aiming not only for birdies and eagles but also for the perfect balance of enjoyment and performance. 

For a focused play remain steadfast in your commitment to responsible drinking, staying hydrated, and must choose the drinks wisely to savor the flavors without compromising your skills. Masters golf tournament drinking game always enjoys the trials that come with the sport, deliberately using mulligans to take advantage of situations, and perfecting the short game to reduce the amount of alcohol needed. 

Considering this, you should play the course with a clear head, unaffected by the distractions of alcohol, and take inspiration from other golfers, learning and improving with each stroke and drink. Above all, a mindful player reflects the essence of the game, embracing the excitement that comes from fusing the classic play of golf with the exciting world of drinking games. So play the Golf Drinking Game like a pro, stride onto the course with assurance, lift your glass with excitement, and enjoy every shot while toasting the memories created along the way.

 14 Must Consider The Golf Drinking Game Rules

Rules for the golf drinking game are required to make sure that everyone has a fair, entertaining, and well-organized time. These guidelines, sanctions, and prizes are made crystal clear, which helps to avoid misunderstandings and arguments when playing. Since everyone is aware of what to expect and has an equal chance to participate, they aid in maintaining fairness. Golf drinking game rules encourage responsible and safe participation by establishing limits and restrictions, ensuring that all players can enjoy themselves and make lasting memories while out on the course. Figure out the rules with us here!

  • At the start of the game, each player is given a specific quantity of drinks (such as beer cans or shots).
  • The drinking game is often played in conjunction with an ordinary round of golf, adhering to the rules of the preferred golf format (such as match play or stroke play).
  • Certain golf outcomes, such as birdies, bogeys, or hitting into hazards, are associated with specific drinking guidelines.
  • In particular, a birdie can necessitate drinks from other players, whereas a bogey might necessitate drinks from the golfer who made the mistake.
  • Depending on the chosen structure and the players’ ingenuity, the rules may change.
  • Penalties are frequently used in the game for specific shots, like ones that go out of bounds, into water hazards, or three-putt.
  • These infractions usually earn the player who committed them extra drinks.
  • If permitted, mulligans may potentially result in a drinking penalty. The player might need to consume more alcohol in order to use a mulligan.
  • Multiple penalties on the same hole can result in multiple drinks because drinking penalties can be cumulative.
  • Before the game starts, it’s critical to clarify the rules and penalties in detail to prevent misunderstandings or disputes.
  • The game is often played in a fun and relaxed atmosphere with a strong emphasis on mingling and having fun.
  • Awareness of one’s boundaries and responsible drinking are advocated for players. Throughout the game, it’s critical to put safety and well-being first.
  • For participants who would rather not drink alcohol or who would like to limit their use, non-alcoholic alternatives can be offered.
  • While playing the drinking game, participants should respect the golf field and follow proper golf etiquette.

Closing Up:  Drinking Golf Game

Resulting The Golf Drinking Game serves as a gentle reminder that, even in the precision sport, there is always an opportunity for a little spirited fun amidst the laughing and camaraderie!

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